We take a look at the Kiosks

The Kiosks is an interactive computer that is usually used in public places and allows people nearby to jump onto the internet very quickly and it comes in very slick designs which can be made custom to the person who is paying for it and it comes with a monitor, keyboard and a mouse ball.

The great thing about the Kiosk is it’s availability to the public for example if you are doing some shopping but you really want to find out some information on the internet and you come across one of these machine’s then the internet is at your feet. Another great thing about these machine’s is that they don’t just have to be used for the internet they can be created to have games on like the one’s you will find in a public house, also the more common Kiosks is the self service machines.

The one problem with the Kiosk is the competition from smart phones that can pretty much do most things the Kiosk can do on a small hand held device. secondly it is not touch screen which is becoming a common thing in almost all technology and maybe in the next 10 years keyboards will be a thing of the past.

To find out more information about the Kiosks please visit www.slabb.com.

European Commission to Fine Microsoft

Allegedly the European Commission is to give Microsoft a hefty fine for anti-competitive behaviour with their Internet Explorer.

The European Commission has accused Microsoft of breaking an agreement to offer rival web browsers on previous versions of windows.

Reuters’ sources said, “The Commission is planning to fine Microsoft before the Easter break.”

The EC have already levied a €1.6bn fine for microsoft for past offences.


Spotify Launches Web-based Music Browser

Spotify will later today launch their beta version of their web-based music browser and will be available for download. sources close to the big music company have suggested that the new web based browser will have a similar look to the desktop app.

It is also known that you can sign up for free without paying monthly subscriptions but you will have to put up with advertisements and usage limits.

The new web browser means that spotify can now compete with the likes of Rdio and Deezer whom rely solely on web apps.

The Beta version will be released today with the full version to hit the internet in the next couple of months.

Tablet users dominate mobile web traffic

According to abode tablets are becoming device of choice, the traffic on the tablet are much higher than smart phones when they were first launched in a rate for 200 times faster.
Adobe said that smart phone sony have 6% of the market and tablets are on 4.3%
They also added that tablet increased by 300 per sent.
while two years later tablets had over three per cent. By comparison, it took the Iphone a full three years to reach one per cent of total web visits.