5 Benefits of Installing Conference Room Scheduling

No matter what kind of business you own, these days business is not thriving locally. It tends to spread all over the nations and if you have started a commercial venture to be dealt in within nation it tends to overlap the national boundaries and earn international fame. This flourishing must not be stopped and to continue its flow you have to devise cautious ways to run their workflow. Whether it is a presentation for a conference of caring for an administrative part, catering them by hand is almost unfeasible. With conference room scheduling software, you can fetch rich dividends. Regardless of the dimension of a business module, preparing meetings in particular rooms or location is highly vital. For, it makes the endeavor easier of scheduling of appointments for varied rooms or locations. While undertaking scheduling task, manually is highly time-consuming and intricate ordeal.

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The Conference Room Scheduling permits the business owners to keep up an uninterrupted communication stream with their customers both internationally and locally. Its utilizations however check you from moving to varied places for making sure effective communication flow. This basic online software allows you to carry out day to day affairs of your industry without much anxiety. Savings in your precious time being lost in traveling is an extra benefit. The software preferably suits those people who operate from various countries or locations.


With the utilization of this software, the prospect of making your conference a grand victory amplifies a lot. It can be utilized for organizing meetings with equally international and domestic customers relieving you of arranging other arrangements as required. Non requirement of committed personnel to keep a tab on events offers huge financial savings. With this software available at your premises, you can focus straightforwardly about managing the presentation.

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Finest corporate executives identify them as extremely helpful. Since, the software manages stress oriented jobs and consequently, they are at complete ease while having an interaction with international or domestic business delicates all through a conference. Checking accessibility of space in terms of number of invitees and kind of meeting turns out to be easier. The Conference Room Scheduling is credited for offering room availability information beforehand and helps to make different arrangements if required. Non-requirement of any physical toil has evolved it as the most sought after tool in many of hospitality service areas.


Administering the entire workforce by a handful of top managers in a planned manner becomes tremendously complicated in absence of room scheduling software. If you require cooperation from staffs for conducting conferences, preparation of events or the straightforward trouble free administration, all these can be conducted better when such software is in use. This kind of software plays highly significant role in preparing events more successful. When events are arranged with national and international delegates there are varied things which you require to be arranged for the same. To make everything happen properly you need to have this software easing your tensions and arranging everything in proper order. Utilizing proper resources you can now sit back and relax and everything will be catered properly.


The requirement for room scheduling software is perceived most by professionals such as counselor, advisor, a massage therapist, a hair dresser,  and a tutor to name a few. Conference Room Scheduling is highly useful in booking appointments for a particular room. As each appointment hardly requires equal amount of time, its utilization is highly helpful in reducing any consumption of your valuable time. Plethora of benefits has prompted many medical institutions, corporate houses libraries and colleges schools to acknowledge its efficacy with open arm. Condeco Software however proves to be highly beneficial to conclude your scheduling task on happy note.

Computer trivia and facts1

Computer trivia and facts

Computers are a part of our lives everywhere we go from internet access on our laptops, mobiles and tablets to cash machines, store tills and life-saving medical equipment; they have a great impact on every aspect of culture and society and without them, much of the world would now struggle to operate and communicate. In celebration of this great invention, here are some fun trivia nuggets about computers:

  1. It wasn’t until 1976 that the term ‘personal computer’ was coined. It was printed in the May issue of Byte magazine – the first time in print for such an iconic phrase.
  2. Windows has always been popular whenever there is a new release but even when it was new to the market it was a huge seller. In 1995, the first Windows package – Windows 1995 was launched. It sold a million copies in the first four days on the shelves.
  3. Buying up a domain name in the hope that at some point in the future it will be worth a huge amount of money has its own name – it’s known as cyber squatting or domain squatting.
  4. Whilst the majority of DVDs now are multi-region and will play in any part of the world, this has not always been the case and the globe is in fact divided into 8 different playing regions.
  5. Network equipment is available from a number of manufacturers but there has always been one company which stands head and shoulders above the rest as the company which manufactures and sells the most amount of equipment and that is Cisco.
  6. Netscape Navigator was originally called Mosiac – a fact in itself. However, the person who developed Mosaic which is credited with being the first web browser ever is Marc Andreessen.
  7. Cartoon films now are largely dominated by CGI produced extravaganzas. It all had to start somewhere though and the first computer generated full length feature film was Toy Story from Pixar and Disney.
  8. Floppy disks are pretty much obsolete now but for those who used them to carefully store their data and carry them around in a little case, they might like to know that they were invented in 1971 by IBM. The floppy disk is also credited with being the original way a computer virus was spread as it would be taken from machine to machine.
  9. Where would the world be now without online gaming? It’s almost unthinkable that before a few years ago we couldn’t reach out to friends around the world to take each other on at our favourite online game. The company we have to thank for this time-eating hobby is Dreamcast.
  10. eBay was originally called Auctionweb  and the very first sale was for a broken laser pointer. It seems that rubbish paid even back then as the bidding finished at $14.
  11. Google took their name from Googol, which is a number. It is the equivalent of 1 followed by 100 zeros.
  12. Chess genius Garry Kasparov was beaten by a computer in 1997. It was developed by IBM and was named Deep Blue.
  13. Most people think that working in the IT industry means a very laid back attitude to dress code. Not so in the past though as all staff at IBM had to adhere to a very strict uniform. It consisted of a dark or grey suit, white shirt and a tie which had to be classed as ‘sincere’.
  14. Buying a domain name is something which most people do without batting too much of an eye at the price. However, there have been 26 domain names which have sold for over $3 million dollars over the years and the most expensive was insurance.com at a jaw-dropping $35.6 million in 2010.

Six Major Benefits of Cloud Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is an important part of modern day business activity. After disasters, it is important to focus on recovery solutions. There have been plenty of instances of business house having to shut down due to lack of data. Now for someone keen on having the perfect disaster recovery solutions, there are plenty of alternatives. However, for a smooth and efficient job, one can always opt for cloud disaster recovery. There are plenty of companies keen on embracing the cloud based recovery concept. There is plenty to gain from this process. Let us carefully analyze some of the major benefits, which this theory throws up.

Improved data protection:

It is not just about protecting data. A proper plan also involves recovering data in quick time. This is precisely where the cloud computing theory scores highly. There have been plenty of instances of data protection and quick recovery in times of need.  The system focuses on industry leading encryption and security practices.

Low cost:

A business house can go to any extent in order to improve profitability. Hence, while opting for a perfect disaster recovery system, the stress should be on something, which is cost effective. This is again where, the cloud computing format of recovery stands out. The capital expenditure on such instance is zero.

Easy to use:

Plenty of people are a bit apprehensive while using software. The prime reason being, that not many are comfortable with anything highly technical.  Now this is again an advantage area for someone keen on disaster recovery through cloud computing. The cloud format is easy to use and hence anyone can operate it in a smooth manner. The web based management and user interface has made it easy for use. However, on certain instances a cloud solution may require a lightweight agent on devices. Moreover, there is minimum maintenance required under this system.

Fast implementation:

The hallmark of a great disaster recovery program is in its implementation stage. Someone keen on disaster recovery via the cloud computing method will highly relish its quick implementation within a matter of few minutes.

Low energy consumption:

One of the prime benefits of a cloud disaster recovery is its low energy costs. The absence of large server rooms certainly reflects in the lower energy bills of a business organization. People who have a green IT initiative will find the cloud computing option a great way to lower carbon footprint.

The scalability is on the rise:

The cloud-computing format offers a painless process for someone keen to recover data after a major disaster.  The cloud base process for increasing and decreasing storage capacity is a hassle free affair.

Therefore, there is plenty to gain for someone keen to recover data in this format. The cloud computing advantage has brought the concept of disaster recovery to the masses. Now people keen to protect data and more importantly recover it, will do well to avail the services of a cloud vendor. There are plenty of them and with most having online presence, someone keen to contact should not face much of a problem. However, before working with a particular vendor, it is essential to focus on a few key issues.

Actually, the trick is to work with someone who has the experience in cloud disaster recovery. One can always on such instances, seek for reference amidst near and dear ones. In fact, even a peek into the testimonials there on the website can come in handy. One can get views of their existing customer base. It gives someone a perfect insight into the efficiency of that particular cloud vendor. One can slowly make the choice on from whom to buy.


Tips to Buying Rechargeable Batteries

We all are aware that batteries of any kind are pretty expensive. These days, we find that the price of batteries have gone up every time we have wanted to change the batteries in the television remote, camera and other gadgets that runs on battery juice. These things have made consumers look for an option which is at once, environment friendly and also comparatively, inexpensive compared to the buying new batteries. This new alternative is the rechargeable battery.

There has been an ensuing debate on what is the better alternative among the traditional alkaline battery that is for one time use and the rechargeable battery. But what really matters is what the consumers find convenient to use. The popular trend of today’s age is the use of the rechargeable battery. These batteries are used everywhere including cameras, laptops, cellular phones and a host of other electronic gadgets.

Many people are of the opinion that the rechargeable battery is a much better option compared to the use and throw variants. Those who choose the rechargeable variants of the battery have their own reasons in doing so. But most understand. the beneficial side of the rechargeable batteries and therefore they find it more appealing.

  • There are 2 options for you- lithium ion rechargeable batteries or the nickel ones.
  • Consider the memory status o f the rechargeable batteries. The battery life gradually decreases with the number of times you recharge them. After a point the life completely drains out. So if you opt for a nickel one battery, see to it that you use the juice up completely before charging it for more use.
  • If you want to charge your batteries whenever you wish to, opt for a lithium battery. They are capable of holding their charge for the same time as the nickel ion batteries.
  • Comparison of battery life is a crucial factor when it comes to buying batteries. The milliamp hour rating is your guide to know about the battery life. If the rating is really high, then the longevity will be definitely higher.
  • Before buying your battery, consider how you are you going to use the battery. Cameras, laptops etc that have high energy will need a battery of higher power as these devices are heavy duty when it comes to power consumption. You will need a lower power battery in case of a flash light or remote.
  • There are a couple of different types of batteries manufactured by the company, Duracell. One of them being the AA rechargeable batteries. You can purchase these online or can find them easily at your local stores. These are popularly used in media players, remote controls for television, digital camcorders or cameras or in remote controls for the air conditioner. These come in the pack as pre charged and therefore the convenient option when it comes to using them right out of the pack. The charge of these batteries last up to twelve months from manufacturing date.
  • Rechargeable batteries are environment friendly. It is important for consumers in this turn of the century that they take care of the products they use and how these impact the environment as a whole. The disposable batteries are inconvenient as they are added largely to the amount of e-waste generated. However, in case of rechargeable batteries, its impacts on the environment is quite lessened as they are disposed of long after they are manufactured.
  • It is important to know about the charging options of these rechargeable batteries. Look for elaborate details on the specific helpful features like the discharge cycles, trickle charging, and other important and efficient ways to lengthen the life of your rechargeable batteries.
Most Essential Gadgets and Apps for Your Vehicle

Most Essential Gadgets and Apps for Your Vehicle

The modern car today embraces the new technology and brings a whole new driving experience, super-cool apps and gadgets have found their places in the high-tech cars. Currently, there are thousands of car apps and gadgets, offering a wide range of features from safety gadgets to luxury applications, not forgetting games.

Here are the most essential Gadgets and Apps for your vehicle:

The Navigation System 

Finding way and routes around town has been made a breeze. TomTom, Garmin and Magellan are some of the most essential GPS options available in the market today. Some of the GPS comes with FM Transmitters, Bluetooth hands free connectivity and MP3 Players. They come in different sizes, and varied mounting options depending on the car type. The rechargeable batteries are more suitable for long time travels.

The Diagnostic Tools 

The diagnostic gadgets are must have for those looking to know how the interior of the car works. Most of these tools, like OBD-II helps the drivers manage the health of their cars. The tools identify some problems. For example, the OBD tools help check the car’s sensor data, and performance. To get better results, some tools work best in conjunction with others, for instance THE Android Torque Pro App works seamless with the OBD tools. Other OBS-II tools like the dedicated T79 Digital Auto Scanner will automatically troubleshoot some car problems without any help from the mechanic.

Digital Radio

The digital radio devices offer the drivers more entertainment packs when installed, however, only a few people have these installed in their cars. Improve the functionality of your system through a digital radio. For example, a Pure Highway In-car Digitals Radio plugs into the 12V socket and is attached to the driver windscreen. This device renders digital radio features including pause, rewinding, this works even for the radio programs transmitted through an FM frequency.

Cheap Parking

Cheap parking is an Android and iOS App that helps the driver locate cheap parking places, especially those having enough time to look around for cheap parking. It’s not easy finding a cheap parking spot with special features like car garage, car wash or under cover. The App works on a live and regularly updated database on a daily basis. It has already attracted so many users over a short period of time. One only needs to key in the estimated departure time and arrival time or an address and the App will locate the most suitable car parking spot.


It is now emerging that in the future, not very far away, the cars will all be self-driven. The future car is already making its way into the market through applications like iOnRadio, which is an iPhone App. All one needs to do is to mount the iPhone onto the windscreen and the gadget will help you monitor the traffic. The gadget has the ability to warn the driver of a potential collision, preventing the possible occurrence of accidents.


Recent studies have revealed that poor posture while driving, especially over long distances contributes towards health problems. LUMOBack was designed to help the driver keep good posture while on the wheels preventing severe back pain.

These are the most essential car Gadgets and App one should not miss in the car.

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We take a look at the Kiosks

The Kiosks is an interactive computer that is usually used in public places and allows people nearby to jump onto the internet very quickly and it comes in very slick designs which can be made custom to the person who is paying for it and it comes with a monitor, keyboard and a mouse ball.

The great thing about the Kiosk is it’s availability to the public for example if you are doing some shopping but you really want to find out some information on the internet and you come across one of these machine’s then the internet is at your feet. Another great thing about these machine’s is that they don’t just have to be used for the internet they can be created to have games on like the one’s you will find in a public house, also the more common Kiosks is the self service machines.

The one problem with the Kiosk is the competition from smart phones that can pretty much do most things the Kiosk can do on a small hand held device. secondly it is not touch screen which is becoming a common thing in almost all technology and maybe in the next 10 years keyboards will be a thing of the past.

To find out more information about the Kiosks please visit www.slabb.com.

European Commission to Fine Microsoft

Allegedly the European Commission is to give Microsoft a hefty fine for anti-competitive behaviour with their Internet Explorer.

The European Commission has accused Microsoft of breaking an agreement to offer rival web browsers on previous versions of windows.

Reuters’ sources said, “The Commission is planning to fine Microsoft before the Easter break.”

The EC have already levied a €1.6bn fine for microsoft for past offences.


Spotify Launches Web-based Music Browser

Spotify will later today launch their beta version of their web-based music browser and will be available for download. sources close to the big music company have suggested that the new web based browser will have a similar look to the desktop app.

It is also known that you can sign up for free without paying monthly subscriptions but you will have to put up with advertisements and usage limits.

The new web browser means that spotify can now compete with the likes of Rdio and Deezer whom rely solely on web apps.

The Beta version will be released today with the full version to hit the internet in the next couple of months.

Tablet users dominate mobile web traffic

According to abode tablets are becoming device of choice, the traffic on the tablet are much higher than smart phones when they were first launched in a rate for 200 times faster.
Adobe said that smart phone sony have 6% of the market and tablets are on 4.3%
They also added that tablet increased by 300 per sent.
while two years later tablets had over three per cent. By comparison, it took the Iphone a full three years to reach one per cent of total web visits.