Computer trivia and facts

Computer trivia and facts1

Computers are a part of our lives everywhere we go from internet access on our laptops, mobiles and tablets to cash machines, store tills and life-saving medical equipment; they have a great impact on every aspect of culture and society and without them, much of the world would now struggle to operate and communicate. In celebration of this great invention, here are some fun trivia nuggets about computers:

  1. It wasn’t until 1976 that the term ‘personal computer’ was coined. It was printed in the May issue of Byte magazine – the first time in print for such an iconic phrase.
  2. Windows has always been popular whenever there is a new release but even when it was new to the market it was a huge seller. In 1995, the first Windows package – Windows 1995 was launched. It sold a million copies in the first four days on the shelves.
  3. Buying up a domain name in the hope that at some point in the future it will be worth a huge amount of money has its own name – it’s known as cyber squatting or domain squatting.
  4. Whilst the majority of DVDs now are multi-region and will play in any part of the world, this has not always been the case and the globe is in fact divided into 8 different playing regions.
  5. Network equipment is available from a number of manufacturers but there has always been one company which stands head and shoulders above the rest as the company which manufactures and sells the most amount of equipment and that is Cisco.
  6. Netscape Navigator was originally called Mosiac – a fact in itself. However, the person who developed Mosaic which is credited with being the first web browser ever is Marc Andreessen.
  7. Cartoon films now are largely dominated by CGI produced extravaganzas. It all had to start somewhere though and the first computer generated full length feature film was Toy Story from Pixar and Disney.
  8. Floppy disks are pretty much obsolete now but for those who used them to carefully store their data and carry them around in a little case, they might like to know that they were invented in 1971 by IBM. The floppy disk is also credited with being the original way a computer virus was spread as it would be taken from machine to machine.
  9. Where would the world be now without online gaming? It’s almost unthinkable that before a few years ago we couldn’t reach out to friends around the world to take each other on at our favourite online game. The company we have to thank for this time-eating hobby is Dreamcast.
  10. eBay was originally called Auctionweb  and the very first sale was for a broken laser pointer. It seems that rubbish paid even back then as the bidding finished at $14.
  11. Google took their name from Googol, which is a number. It is the equivalent of 1 followed by 100 zeros.
  12. Chess genius Garry Kasparov was beaten by a computer in 1997. It was developed by IBM and was named Deep Blue.
  13. Most people think that working in the IT industry means a very laid back attitude to dress code. Not so in the past though as all staff at IBM had to adhere to a very strict uniform. It consisted of a dark or grey suit, white shirt and a tie which had to be classed as ‘sincere’.
  14. Buying a domain name is something which most people do without batting too much of an eye at the price. However, there have been 26 domain names which have sold for over $3 million dollars over the years and the most expensive was at a jaw-dropping $35.6 million in 2010.
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