Features of Movie Maker for Mac

Are you a beginner in movie making? You should download and install Movavi’s movie maker for Mac. It is excellent for beginners since they can navigate very easily. Creating a good looking video is therefore equally easy. With the live “record screen” tab you can record your whole movie editing process so that you can review the mistakes in your video editing later. Software users can also contact Movavi customer care on live chat. This is instantaneous service which available around the clock.

Importing Video

To make a movie with the Movavi movie maker for Mac the format compatibility will not be a worry to you. With this software all the common formats are accepted. It means that you can import videos formats like HDV, HD or DV from camera sources. Other video sources such as webcams, cassette tape, and mobile phones can also be used to input video. As you do all this you will get to record whatever is happening on your screen. For example if you are streaming videos you will record it with the software. This can be very helpful especially when someone wants to learn from your mini movie.

Video editing

Movie editor for Mac has multi-track timeline which allows you to edit short videos and movies so they can fit all together in your clips. You can easily split clips, crop them, rotate them and inter-join them together. After joining you can pick special transition effects to make your movie real and more appealing to the audience. The Chroma Key is an effect on the editor that allow for green screen work. The quality of your work can be restore through proper application of the brightness, color balance adjustments and contrast features. You can also remove noises which might affect the sound quality of your movie. If you need screenshots or photos taken from your movie you will get that in just a click. The most amazing feature of Movavi movie maker for Mac is that it can handle 3D capabilities like 3D to 2D and vice versa. This will need you to have a computer with amazing graphic capabilities. The technology has configurations to set up different types of movies for TVs and 3D glasses.

Audio editing

Your movie will not be complete without some good audio qualities. The Movavi software has audio features which give you a polished and entertaining finish. Some of the audio features of the software are Cross Fade which can help blend tracks together smoothly and the ability to create a playlist where you can add your movies easily. Movie maker for Mac is so quick when it comes to executing your editing features. Processing times are fairly great compared to its competitors. You can speed up the high definition editing which always takes a lot of resources to complete in traditional software. There are more than 12 different Blu-ray and DVD themes on the menu to chose from. These will give your work a professional finish within the shortest time.

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