Life in London before you search for an IT job


If you have given serious thought to an opportunity to live and work in London, you should be adequately prepared for it to enjoy it fully and make it work to your benefit.

Living and accommodation in the city of London is never in short supply, however it’s never cheap either. Being the capital city of England, it commands high prices when compared to other locations within the country. London is a city that appreciates strong potential and hard work and more large businesses have flourished in London than any other parts of Europe, this fact drives rental and property prices higher.

If you want to accommodate yourself in London, you can either go for the rent option or property buying. London is an attractive destination since it offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere and the diversity will excite you enough to stick around.

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Wine and dine

You can find a large variety of restaurants in London that specialise in one particular cuisine or another. Italian restaurants are everywhere and kebab houses are very popular as well. Obviously, the infamous fish and chips are very popular and can be found in a lot of restaurants, pubs and bars within the city.

You can have wine in many pubs and bars within the city while socialising with friends and other patrons. Pubs are also occasionally good places to have an initial chat with prospective employers and recruiting agents.

Career prospects

Once you set up a base in the city, you should start hunting for a job. If you are planning to make a career in IT then London is the right place for you.

The best way to find an IT job in London is to make use of a recruiting company or an online job board. These websites are always posting new jobs from reputed IT firms within the city who are in search of experienced workers and people possessing good technical skills. Also, since every company has an IT department, the chances of getting a job double up.  One such job board site is This site focuses on IT Jobs in London and all of the UK.

The following are popular IT positions usually available in London:

-          IT Consultant

-          IT Business Analyst

-          IT Systems Analyst

-          Solution Architect

-          IT Support Engineer

-          IT Support Analyst

-          IT Manager

-          Software Developer

-          Software Engineer

-          IT Service Support

-          Business Intelligence Developer

-          Tester

-           Quality Assurance executive.

Take your time to gain a strong foothold in the city. Once you get the job you want, life will be easier, happier and better.

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