Most Essential Gadgets and Apps for Your Vehicle

Most Essential Gadgets and Apps for Your Vehicle

The modern car today embraces the new technology and brings a whole new driving experience, super-cool apps and gadgets have found their places in the high-tech cars. Currently, there are thousands of car apps and gadgets, offering a wide range of features from safety gadgets to luxury applications, not forgetting games.

Here are the most essential Gadgets and Apps for your vehicle:

The Navigation System 

Finding way and routes around town has been made a breeze. TomTom, Garmin and Magellan are some of the most essential GPS options available in the market today. Some of the GPS comes with FM Transmitters, Bluetooth hands free connectivity and MP3 Players. They come in different sizes, and varied mounting options depending on the car type. The rechargeable batteries are more suitable for long time travels.

The Diagnostic Tools 

The diagnostic gadgets are must have for those looking to know how the interior of the car works. Most of these tools, like OBD-II helps the drivers manage the health of their cars. The tools identify some problems. For example, the OBD tools help check the car’s sensor data, and performance. To get better results, some tools work best in conjunction with others, for instance THE Android Torque Pro App works seamless with the OBD tools. Other OBS-II tools like the dedicated T79 Digital Auto Scanner will automatically troubleshoot some car problems without any help from the mechanic.

Digital Radio

The digital radio devices offer the drivers more entertainment packs when installed, however, only a few people have these installed in their cars. Improve the functionality of your system through a digital radio. For example, a Pure Highway In-car Digitals Radio plugs into the 12V socket and is attached to the driver windscreen. This device renders digital radio features including pause, rewinding, this works even for the radio programs transmitted through an FM frequency.

Cheap Parking

Cheap parking is an Android and iOS App that helps the driver locate cheap parking places, especially those having enough time to look around for cheap parking. It’s not easy finding a cheap parking spot with special features like car garage, car wash or under cover. The App works on a live and regularly updated database on a daily basis. It has already attracted so many users over a short period of time. One only needs to key in the estimated departure time and arrival time or an address and the App will locate the most suitable car parking spot.


It is now emerging that in the future, not very far away, the cars will all be self-driven. The future car is already making its way into the market through applications like iOnRadio, which is an iPhone App. All one needs to do is to mount the iPhone onto the windscreen and the gadget will help you monitor the traffic. The gadget has the ability to warn the driver of a potential collision, preventing the possible occurrence of accidents.


Recent studies have revealed that poor posture while driving, especially over long distances contributes towards health problems. LUMOBack was designed to help the driver keep good posture while on the wheels preventing severe back pain.

These are the most essential car Gadgets and App one should not miss in the car.

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