Six Major Benefits of Cloud Disaster Recovery


Disaster recovery is an important part of modern day business activity. After disasters, it is important to focus on recovery solutions. There have been plenty of instances of business house having to shut down due to lack of data. Now for someone keen on having the perfect disaster recovery solutions, there are plenty of alternatives. However, for a smooth and efficient job, one can always opt for cloud disaster recovery. There are plenty of companies keen on embracing the cloud based recovery concept. There is plenty to gain from this process. Let us carefully analyze some of the major benefits, which this theory throws up.

Improved data protection:

It is not just about protecting data. A proper plan also involves recovering data in quick time. This is precisely where the cloud computing theory scores highly. There have been plenty of instances of data protection and quick recovery in times of need.  The system focuses on industry leading encryption and security practices.

Low cost:

A business house can go to any extent in order to improve profitability. Hence, while opting for a perfect disaster recovery system, the stress should be on something, which is cost effective. This is again where, the cloud computing format of recovery stands out. The capital expenditure on such instance is zero.

Easy to use:

Plenty of people are a bit apprehensive while using software. The prime reason being, that not many are comfortable with anything highly technical.  Now this is again an advantage area for someone keen on disaster recovery through cloud computing. The cloud format is easy to use and hence anyone can operate it in a smooth manner. The web based management and user interface has made it easy for use. However, on certain instances a cloud solution may require a lightweight agent on devices. Moreover, there is minimum maintenance required under this system.

Fast implementation:

The hallmark of a great disaster recovery program is in its implementation stage. Someone keen on disaster recovery via the cloud computing method will highly relish its quick implementation within a matter of few minutes.

Low energy consumption:

One of the prime benefits of a cloud disaster recovery is its low energy costs. The absence of large server rooms certainly reflects in the lower energy bills of a business organization. People who have a green IT initiative will find the cloud computing option a great way to lower carbon footprint.

The scalability is on the rise:

The cloud-computing format offers a painless process for someone keen to recover data after a major disaster.  The cloud base process for increasing and decreasing storage capacity is a hassle free affair.

Therefore, there is plenty to gain for someone keen to recover data in this format. The cloud computing advantage has brought the concept of disaster recovery to the masses. Now people keen to protect data and more importantly recover it, will do well to avail the services of a cloud vendor. There are plenty of them and with most having online presence, someone keen to contact should not face much of a problem. However, before working with a particular vendor, it is essential to focus on a few key issues.

Actually, the trick is to work with someone who has the experience in cloud disaster recovery. One can always on such instances, seek for reference amidst near and dear ones. In fact, even a peek into the testimonials there on the website can come in handy. One can get views of their existing customer base. It gives someone a perfect insight into the efficiency of that particular cloud vendor. One can slowly make the choice on from whom to buy.

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